Chip – Back in 2003, I was a private investigator for my father’s company. My favorite part of the job? No, not tailing suspects (we did more work for insurance companies and background investigations). Crazy as it sounds, it was taking photos for claims. Sure they were mostly of roadways, houses & landscapes but snapping those images (on an old film camera) ignited in me a love for photography that I never knew was there. Eventually, I started photographing family & friends and small events. Soon people asked if I had a website. “You should start your own business,” Nikki said. In a recession? In a market flooded with photographers? I wasn’t so sure. But knowing I had her full support, I went for it and mentored her along the way. In August 2012 I started Charles Angelo Photography, with Nikki and I shooting together. We worked together seamlessly and in December 2014 we wanted our name to reflect how much of a team we are and that’s how Nikki & Chip Photography was born. If you ask me, Nikki is the real heartbeat of this business. I can’t tell you how many times I’m on a shoot and someone says, “I just love your wife!” I couldn’t agree more.
Nikki – My love of photography started long before I married Chip, back when I was a magazine-obsessed teen. I was inspired by the way a simple editorial image could move me. After studying communications & marketing in college, I landed a job as a magazine editor in NYC. It was there that my adoration for mixing storytelling and images grew even stronger. So strong, that with Chip’s encouragement, I put down my pen, picked up a camera and haven’t looked back. We love meeting new people! I can’t wait to learn about your life, capture your memories and, most of all, use that imagery to tell your very own love story. Let’s get started!


Here’s a peek at our own wedding thanks to Greg Lassik at Endless Wave Studios


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